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Transfers for Hotels

Please contact our hotline for hotels at +31-43-3116926 if you wish to create an affiliate account. You can also register as hotel yourself, we will take care of the rest.

Your advantages

  • High converting affiliate hotel account that leads to increase in revenue
  • Attractive sales commission based on earnings per sale
  • Analytics dashboard with conversions and tools
  • Monthly sales commission payout once the ride is executed
  • Free setup assistance and hotel website recommendations

Are you active in the lodging industry? Do you sell accommodations (hotel, bed and breakfast, hostel, motel) to guests and want to earn additional revenue? Do you want to offer your guests better service and gain more customer satisfaction? Do you want to earn commission also on the ride from the airport to the hotel? YAT offers the ideal solution!

Easy setup

Once your affiliate account has been approved, you will receive a tracking code to start using YAT as an affiliate service. You or your guests can easily book rides from anywhere and at any time through your affiliate hotel account. In practice, this means you can send visitors to YAT's website with your tracking code so they can book the rides online.

Affiliate hotel account

YAT provides you with a hotel affiliate account. This access gives you insight into your booked and completed rides at any time of the day or night. You can also run reports and get statistics on travel activities. We also provide you with a monthly overview of completed rides, which you can then invoice for your sales commission.

Fixed price guarantee

YAT will provide a binding offer for each booking. Simply enter the pick-up location, the destination and the pickup time in Step 1 of the booking process. The fare for the requested ride will be displayed immediately after this step. Together with our licensing suppliers, we achieve maximum availability at attractive passenger rates.

Reliable chauffeurs and sleek vehicles

We want your guests to arrive feeling completely at ease. Our carefully selected suppliers are discreet and on-time. They always pay close attention to good customer service as well as a high degree of professionalism, security and time savings.

Your guests will be picked up at the desired location, either directly in front of the hotel or inside. If your passengers wish to be picked up at the airport, we will track the status of their flight. Even if the flight is delayed, our chauffeurs will be waiting for the passengers at the gate to pick them up. The chauffeur will then take them quickly and safely to their hotel in a sophisticated ambiance.

We'd be happy to welcome you as one of our hotel affiliates!
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